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Factoring is a financing alternative to suppliers of goods or services, which is preferably oriented to small and medium-sized companies, through the commercialization of commercial invoices and receipts for fees. It is materialized in a contract through which a company transfers the future collection service of existing credits and invoices in its favor and in exchange obtains the money in advance. In other words, if you sell on credit, you can sell your invoice and get your money in a few days.

More information: https://www.digitalfactoring.pe/factoring/


Non-recourse factoring implies the purchase and sale of invoices for 100% of their value, minus a percentage or price difference, without requiring the signing of endorsements or guarantees of any kind. The factoring company fully assumes the debtor’s bad debt risk.


In this case, the financial institution does not assume the risk due to the possible insolvency of the debtor of the transferor company. Therefore, in the event of non-payment, it will be the company itself that must activate the procedures to claim the unpaid credit.

All those natural or legal persons that have negotiable term documents (invoices and receipts for fees) resulting from materialized commercial transactions, with their respective endorsements.

Invoices, letters and receipts for fees that are in force and with a payment term of no more than 120 days.

  • Non-recourse factoring: We assume the risk of your client’s default.
  • We charge what’s fair: We charge only the interest plus the General Sales Taxes. We do not charge additional commissions or hidden amounts.
  • We evaluate your client: We do not evaluate you or your company. You can either be a new company or a small one, be part of Infocorp or in risk centers.
  • Quick disbursement: Maximum 48 hours from the agreement of your client.
  • 100% digital factoring: We work with an agile, transparent and 100% digital process.
  • Opening a Factoring financing line with us is parallel to the traditional financial system (it is not registered in the consolidated credit report that the BCR and the SBS have), so it does not directly affect your current credit.
  • Factoring operations carried out with your suppliers do not generate any cost for your company, the cost is fully assumed by the supplier.
  • Prior coordination to establish the final payment date of the invoice (which could be even higher than the one currently established with your providers).
  • To be able to control your cash flow and centralize the payment to suppliers, thus reducing the operating cost that this implies.
  • Flexibility in the payment date of the negotiated documents (up to 15 days after expiration).
  • Attend the operations that you authorize in accordance with your own commercial, operational or financial criteria.
  • Strengthen the institutional image for its suppliers with a fast, fair and transparent financing alternative.


The confidence and tranquility that Innova Factoring and the ACP Group can offer you.


No, the operations made in Digital Factoring are not registered in the banking system. In addition, Digital Factoring does not publish its operations in any institution, so the information of its operations is 100% private and confidential.

It is a service that financial institutions also offer and basically consists of the management by a credit institution of making payments from a company to its suppliers.
Confirming, also known as “confirmed supplier payment”, offers interesting advantages both to the company that hires it (usually large companies), and to the companies that supply the latter.

The financial institution acts as manager of deferred payments from a company to its suppliers.

More information: https://www.digitalfactoring.pe/confirming/

  • Improvement of the image of the company to its suppliers.
  • It implies a significant saving of administrative costs related to the management of payments and eliminates all the tasks that do not add value to a company
  • Provides greater flexibility in negotiating with your suppliers.
  • Improves the control and optimization of the company’s treasury.
  • Allows suppliers to access financing, without representing an increase in the supplier’s banking risk.
  • Web: https://digitalfactoring.pe
  • WhatsApp: +51 975 111 228
  • Email: info@digitalfactoring.pe
  • Business hours:
    • Mon to Fri: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    • Sat: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

All the expenses incurred by the client will be fully visible in a clear and direct way in the proforma, and later in the annex of the factoring operation that goes along with the contract.


None. We only charge the amount of the assigned interest rate and the General Sales Taxes for the factoring operation.

Registration on “Digi Platform”:

None, we don’t charge for the use of the platform, nor the registration, it’s completely free.


Of course, you only need to have a Tax Identification Number since we validate the data with the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) service, remember that our platform accepts Invoices and Receipts for electronic fees.


3 simple steps:

  • Enter its Tax Identification Number and ID of the legal representative.
  • Confirm the details of your company and the legal representative by entering an email and a telephone number.
  • Validate your data by entering the link sent to the email by entering the verification code sent to the cell phone.
Operational Issues:

Be a natural person or legal person that has a company’s Tax Identification Number, of any sector and size.

  • The customer (supplier) provides a service and / or markets a product to its debtor and issues an invoice or receipt for a fee.
  • The debtor (acquirer) receives the service and / or product; and with it an invoice and / or receipt for fees.
  • The third, Digital Factoring.
  • Step 01:  Evaluate your invoice
    Evaluate if your client’s invoice pre-qualifies for factoring. https://digitalfactoring.net/evalua-tu-factura
  • Step 02: Online Quote
    Register and upload your invoice or send us an email with your invoice and we will send you a proforma. Click to register  https://digitalfactoring.net/
  •  Step 03: Data Confirmation
    We will send an email to your client to validate the information on your invoice. We will put you in copy.
  • Step 04: Express Conformity
    Your client gives us express consent through the Cavali platform.
  • Step 05: Signature and Disbursement
    The contract is signed electronically, and the bank transfer is made in less than 48 hours. It’s that easy!

See steps here: https://www.digitalfactoring.pe/factoring/

  • Step 01:  Evaluate your Receipt for fees
    Evaluate if your client’s fee receipt is prequalified for factoring. Https://digitalfactoring.net/evalua-tu-factura
  • Step 02: Online Quote
    Sign up and upload your fee receipt or send us an email with your fee receipt and we will send you a proforma.

Click to register:  https://digitalfactoring.net/

  • Step 03: Data Confirmation
    We will send an email to your client to validate the information on your receipt for a fee. We will put you in copy.
  • Step 04: Express Conformity
    Your client gives us express consent through the Cavali platform.
  • Step 05: Signature and Disbursement
    The contract is signed electronically, and the bank transfer is made in less than 48 hours. It’s that easy!

See steps here: https://www.digitalfactoring.pe/factoring/


The framework contract has a duration of one year.

     There’s no need. At Digital Factoring we use the electronic signature in each contract.

For the ease of our clients, the process is designed to use the electronic signature in each operation.

  1. Access the Kenyana service through the mail or SMS sent to the cell phone.
  2. Review the contract to be signed in its PDF format.
  3. Enter ID number.
  4. Upload an ID photo.
  5. Start the video signature by recording a video in which the indicated code is clearly pronounced.
  6. Receive confirmation of the video signature.

Watch tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXk-zqZf5Oc


It would be affected when the acquirer pays the invoice in a different period than the one agreed upon due to the recalculation of interest. If the payment is made before maturity, the remainder will be greater than the initially estimated. If the payment is made after expiration, the remainder will be less.

The main responsibility of the Risk department is to mitigate the risk of each of the factoring operations and maintain a healthy Portfolio Concentration. For this purpose, compliance with the Risk Policy and the limits established by the Investment Fund are managed and monitored.

Suggestions and Complaints:

Send an email to info@digitalfactoring.pe indicating in the subject: Claim request – (Name of your Company) and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Regulations and Safety:

Digital Factoring is a company supervised by the SBS (Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP) and we are members of APEFAC (Peruvian Association of Factoring).


Documents are requested to know your company, verify that it is current and register it in our database.


If this happens, your client will have to notify and refund the money to the Digital Factoring bank account within 24 hours. In case the funds are not returned, we will continue with the collection process against your client.

It is important to note that the interest stops running when the credit is reflected in the Digital Factoring bank account. To notify this incident, you must write to us at cobranzas@digitalfactoring.pe


If your client does not comply with the payment on the expiration date of the negotiable document, reactive collection is carried out, with a period of 8 calendar days is given for your client to make the payment. Once this period has elapsed, the negotiable document is protested, and the credit bureaus are informed.

If the non-payment continues, a Judicial Process is initiated related to the Recovery of the Sum of Money contained in the Securities against its client. In this process, your client will be involved in the collection management. It is important to inform you that collection charges may be incurred, and the interest will be recalculated as of the date your client makes the payment.


The data delivered to Digital Factoring is protected by the digital security measures established in the Information Security Policy adopted by our Technology Area, so all information provided to Digital Factoring will be reserved with confidentiality and will be used only for the purposes requested.


Digital Factoring works with the top six thousand companies in the country, which is why the main filter is the Acquirer Ranking. After that, in order to know the solvency of the payer; The Risk Centers and news that reflect the business development and the economic sector to which it belongs are analyzed. Finally, we review the Portfolio Concentration so as not to overexpose our resources. If the above indicators are optimal, the Acquirer under evaluation is a good prospect.

Soporte y cuestiones técnicas:

In case you experience a technical problem, you can send an email to soporte@digitalfactoring.pe

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