Fintech in the law of life

Today, it will be one year since the first COVID-19 the first cases were confined by our ex President Martin Vizcarra. Since then our economy has only deteriorated, although with small signs of improvement. This situation of financial stress is far to get over and unfortunately it seems that it will remain for at least a couple of years more. 

Throughout this first year of intermittent economy, we have witnessed the closing of many companies that were emblematic since our adolescence or youth, especially for those Peruvians with a little more than 40 years old like me. It is sad to see how uncertainty suddenly takes over large and emblematic companies. 

However, as if it were part of the law of life, this same situation is giving way to small and very agile start-ups oriented to a hyper-connected and 100% digital world, achieving a scope and success unthinkable a few years ago. Among these, we find some that provide financial services with a technological component within their DNA called fintech, who democratize services previously monopolized by banks, and make them available to all of us through our cell phones. 

Although we are not able to change our reality like Wanda Maximoff did with her westview to get out of this crisis -which however long it may be, will eventually end, if we start taking advantage of the services offered by these fintechs such as factoring without resources, online exchanges, loans with guarantees, etc. I am sure we will find a less rugged way for our company or enterprise to obtain the necessary results to achieve it.

Percy Augustin 
CEO de Digital Holding

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