“Having Digital Factoring as my financial ally is the best way to grow my business.”- Yan Franco Calderón, General Manager at Cognidata SAC

How was the beginning of CongniData?

CogniData was founded in 2019 approximately 2 years ago, we began with 3 people who managed to raise capital and start operations. To date we have about 15 employees that are moving CogniData.

Our purpose is to meet demands for software on business intelligence; as main customers we have: Sapia Corporation and America Móvil.

Why did you start doing factoring?

We opted for the factoring instrument basically because of a need for liquidity in the company, since our clients’ payments are normally 90 to 120 days. We chose to go with Digital Factoring because the process is very simple and there are not so many obstacles in the contractual as well as the disbursement for each operation is relatively fast and that money is basically used for working capital and also for operational issues.

What benefits has factoring brought you?

Among the benefits of factoring with Digital Factoring we find the speed in the operation, the simplicity also for the validation of the identity and invoice information in this case before the release of the amounts and that basically the coordination is very fast. Also at the end of the operation we get a sheet with the settlement where everything is clear, the rates are very competitive and basically having Digital Factoring as my financial ally is the best way to grow my business.

Why would you recommend factoring with Digital Factoring?

We recommend factoring with Digital Factoring because they have very simple procedures, it’s very fast, transparent and offers low interest rates.

For more information about the factoring service: info@digitalfactoring.pe

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