Innovative CEO Leader and Corporate Jedi Wanted

It’s hard to believe that it has already passed one year since the first quarantine order by the Government in response to the arrival of COVID-19 in the country. This year has not only brought with it the loss of many human lives, impacting almost every family in Peru, but it has also brought with it the greatest economic crisis in our history.

During this twelve months, 30% of the economically active population lost their job, a very significant increase in the number of people with poverty index and a pronostic of a 10-year setback in economic terms for our country.

We already know all this and it is not new to anyone. However, now it is up to us, as Peruvians during adversity, to turn this situation around and make sure we count with a general manager who is a leader, innovator and can help us to overcome this crisis.
The question is, how do we know if the position of General Manager is effectively filled by a leader and innovator? Last week, my teacher Pablo Prieto from MIT Professional Education shared some light on the matter.

He told us that one of the keys to face this period of uncertainty is the Digital Transformation of Companies, which begins with a clear identification of internal processes, followed by an improvement in the experience of our customers and finally generating new business models that adapt to the current situation where interactions between people have changed dramatically. He advised his students: “We have to understand and lead the transformation, but above all implement and execute it, becoming CORPORATE JEDIS, with small teams and cells which, with agile techniques, help us unlock change.”

We’ve made it through a first year and we know it’s not over yet, so it’s time for our leaders to take the advice of the greatest Jedi Master, the great YODA: “Do. Or do not. There is no try”

Percy Augustin 
CEO de Digital Holding

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